From Victim to Victorious!

Rev. Dr. Ted Wiard

Transformation from Loss and Trauma

About the Speaker

Ted Wiard is from Taos, New Mexico in which he has had many roles in his life and seems to continuously find new ways to help promote emotional healing. Professionally he is a licensed professional clinical counselor, certified grief counselor, ordained minister, NM certified educator, and certified tennis professional. He is also the co-author of Witnessing Ted: The Journey to Potential through Grief and Loss. He has his own private practices as well as the founder and Director of Golden Willow Counseling (a behavioral health agency), Golden Willow Retreat (a non-profit emotional healing center focused on grief, loss, trauma, and recovery), he is also the clinical director for Rio Grande Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program (an intensive outpatient program located in Taos and Las Vegas, NM). He is sought out for public speaking all over the nation to discuss organizational change initiatives, emotional healing from loss, spirituality and emotional sobriety, and issues pertaining to addiction and recovery. He has been seen on Oprah Winfrey Network on the Shania Twain: Why Not? Series, as well as other documentaries, focused on the ability of transformation through loss. The list goes on, so it is obvious that Ted passionately believes in the potential of the phenomenological transformational moment that every person owns the ability to experience and celebrate. Ted’s life experiences have helped guide and motivate his drive to give it all.

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